Workshop on the Impact of IP in the Economy and the negative effects of Counterfeiting and Piracy onTrademarks – Montevideo June 22, 2018

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Matias Noetinger, N&A partner -and as a representative of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (Asociación Interamericana de la Propiedad Intelectual, ASIPI)- attended  the workshop entitled “Economic Impact of Intellectual Property” and the installation of the Inter-institutional Roundtable on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The workshop was held at the National Directorate of Industrial Property (Dirección Nacional de Propiedad Industrial, DNPI), and was chaired by Director Marianela Delor. One of the main objectives of the meeting was to launch an Inter-institutional Roundtable to follow up on the problems related to Intellectual Property and its enfocement by administrative and judicial entities.

Mr. Noetinger, was the main speaker, and in his speech he included an explanation of the Impact Study of Trademarks in the Economy made by ASIPI and INTA. Mr. Noetinger also made reference to the impact of Counterfeiting on companies and their effect on trademarks.

He also highlighted the importance of trademarks and their proper protection, focusing on three aspects: a) awareness and education; b) protection and defense; c) importance of adequate laws and appropriate professional advice.

He included among his conclusions, an analysis on the importance of enforcement and the fight against piracy and counterfeiting. He also pointed out that it is necessary to protect trademarks and IP rights against infringements; a circumstance that can only be achieved with a strong system that combines the security forces, the judiciary, customs and administrative authorities, and in some countries also the Trademark and Patent Offices.

Before the closing of the workshop, participants shared their opinions and suggestions regarding the steps to be followed and the actions to be taken in order to improve the protection of these rights.

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