Mariana BullrichPartner. Biochemist, University of Buenos Aires (1985) and IP Agent (1995).

Mariana leads the Patents Department, assisting local and foreign clients and inventors on drafting and filing patent applications, filing strategies and practices of the local Office. Since 2001 she coordinates patent and design application filings and prosecution in the Latin America Region.

Mariana also advises on patentability and prior art searches, filing of third party objections to applications, and all aspects of the protection of inventions, improvements and designs through patents, utility models and industrial models or designs.

Mariana’s training and experience has led to her specialization in Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Diagnostic Kits and Pharmaceutical Products in general. However she has wide experience in many technical fields and has great versatility when dealing with patent issues relating to different technologies.

Before joining Noetinger & Armando, she carried out research and teaching for the Cancer Immunology Section of the Mariano Castex Haematology Research Institute of the National Academy of Medicine, where she conducted teaching, research and assistance. She was also in charge of the Molecular Biology and Cellular and Humoral Immunity Sections at Buenos Aires LAB (1984-1998).

Currently, Mariana acts as Co-Chair in AIPLA´s Latin America´s Committee for IP Practice. She also participates, both as a speaker or viewer, in international seminars, conferences and events on industrial property.


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