Registration and use of domains at the ccTLD registry in Argentina.

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Which entity is responsible for registration of domain names in the country code top-level domain (ccTLD)?

In Argentina the entity responsible for the registration of all ccTLDs, except for the domain (which is handled by the Network of University Interconnection Association), is NIC Argentina (National Directorate of Domain Names Registration), an entity that falls under the executive power of the federal government.

In addition, NIC Argentina is responsible for the following gTLDs available in Argentina: .ar,,,,,, and Some of these gTLDs are restricted only to certain organisations that may be public or private entities.


How are domain names registered?

On 9 September 2019, NIC Argentina issued the Regulation for the Administration of Domain Names in Argentina (Resolution 43/2019). This Resolution introduced several changes, especially regarding which domain names can be registered and the method to obtain their registration. 

Article 3 of the Resolution establishes that every procedure in connection with the registration and management of domain names that are administrated by NIC Argentina shoud be done through a special platform, called ‘TAD’. Residents and non-residents can use the platform. The residents must use their tax ID, while non-residents must obtain an identification number that is provided by NIC Argentina. 

Users of this platform can appoint a proxy who will be able to take the neccesary steps to register, renew and manage domain names on their behalf.

Moving to the registration proceeding, article 17, Chapter 1 (Registration) of the Resolution establishes that the registration of a domain name will be granted to the person or entity that applies for its registration first.

As in many other domain name registries, before registering a domain name the registry confirms whether it is available. If so, the procedure is simple: the owner’s information is confirmed; the payment method is chosen (credit card is provided as one of the means of payment); and confirmation of registration is received.

Although the domain name is registered a few hours after the payment has been approved, it should be noted that registrations and assignments of domain names are published in the Official Gazette (article 18, Chapter 1, Resolution 43/2019). This publication takes place a few days after the registration has been confirmed.

Besides this general procedure, NIC Argentina has established some additional requirements for special ccTLDs such as,, and To be able to register these domain names the applicant must provide evidence that it is registered as an authorised tourist agency (for, registered at the Registry of the Musical Activity of the National Institute of Music or Registry of National Musicians (for, a government entity (for or a non-profit organisation (for

Similar restrictions apply to the new ccTLDs and, which have been recently incorporated as registrable domain names. 


For how long is registration effective?

NIC Argentina has established that the effectiveness of registration of all types of ccTLD is one year. Domain names may be renewed repeatedly for the same period of time. As from the expiry date, there is a 30-day grace period during which the domain name remains active. Once concluded, there is an additional 15-day period during which the domain name is no longer active but is still blocked to third parties. Cost

What is the cost of registration?

The cost of registration, renewal and assignment for the following domain names is 270 Argentine pesos:,,, and A reduced fee has been established for,,, where the cost is 110 Argentine pesos.Transfer

Are registered domain names transferable? If so, how? Can the use of a domain name be licensed?

Domain names are transferable. The procedure requires entering the owner’s user account, choosing the domain name to be assigned and entering the ID number of the assignee. The assignee must have a user account in NIC Argentina. Once finished, the assignee will receive a request to confirm the assignment and to pay the official fees.

NIC Argentina’s regulation does not contain any provisions related to the licensing of domain names. However, as with any other intellectual property asset, their licensing is permitted (Civil and Commercial Code, international treaties).ccTLD versus gTLD registration

What are the differences, if any, with registration in the ccTLD as compared with a generic top-level domain (gTLD)?

The registration procedure established in Argentina is similar for the registration of gTLDs. The only significant difference, compared for example with .com, is that registration is centralised with a single federal government entity.

Additionally, under Resolution 45/2019 issued on 9 September 2019, NIC Argentina has allowed the registration of a gTLD in Argentina (.ar), while in the past it was reserved for official organisations only. Registrants’ privacy

Is the registrant’s contact information freely available? Can the registrant use a privacy service to hide its contact information?

There is no such privacy service to hide contact information. Part of the contact information is mandatory such as the name, tax ID and personal ID numbers. Other information, such as the telephone number or email address, may be hidden at the request of the registrant.

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