Legal risks should not paralyze business. Rather, risks should be properly assessed, understood and considered, and – in many cases – they should be taken.

Consumer Law

We utilize our vast experience to analyze potential offers, promotions and contracts of adhesion to ensure that they are compatible with current regulations. We have a very active interaction with consumer defense entities both in Buenos Aires and in other jurisdictions in Argentina, acting in both individual and group actions.

Corporate law

We provide assistance and advice in the organization and registration of new companies as well as in the creation of local branches of international companies. We also help solve boardroom and shareholder disputes, and prepare shareholders’ agreements and audits.

Business Contracts and Agreements: Distribution, Licenses, Franchises & Transfer of technology

An additional field of practice involves drafting, execution and performance of Inter-company Agreements, e.g., distribution, agency, trademarks/patents/copyright/ licenses, franchising and masterfranchising agreements, registration of Technology Transfer Agreements and due diligence procedures.

Our Work

At N&A we stand out in each of the areas of practice for our experience and professionalism, values that have allowed us to advise, during all these years, clients from different parts of the world.