Nicolás Pomerianec AltieriChemical Sciences Degree (UBA). Technical Analyst, Patent Team

Nicolas has a degree in Chemical Sciences with experience in physical chemistry of materials, particularly in the areas of supramolecular chemistry, nanostructuring and energy. In addition to his teaching activity at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, he served as a research fellow at the Institute of Materials, Environment, and Energy (INQUIMAE) of CONICET and as a research intern at the Institute of Chemistry and Biological Physicochemistry (IQUIFIB) of CONICET.

Nicolas assists in the prosecution of patent applications and provides technical advice in a wide range of technology fields including organic and inorganic chemistry, materials, engineering, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, veterinary and cosmetics, polymers and catalysts.

Publications and presentations

Metal nanoparticles embedded in layer-by-layer polymeric films self-assembled through hydrogen bond interactions. Preparation and physicochemical characterization”. Authors: Nicolás Pomeraniec Altieri, María Luz Martinez Ricci, Lucila P. Mendez De Leo. Citation: VII Argentine Meeting of Soft Matter, 2021.

Stability increase of polymeric films through metal ion loading. Authors: Pomeraniec Altieri, Nicolás; Lucy Coria-Oriundo; Paula Angelome; Martinez Ricci, Maria Luz; Méndez De Leo, Lucila. Citation: XXVIII Argentine Congress of Physicochemistry and Inorganic Chemistry (CAFQI), Calafate, 2023.

Unexpected enhancement of pH-stability in Au3+/Ag+ loaded H-bonded layer-by-layer thin films. Autores: Nicolás Pomeraniec Altieri, Lucy L. Coria-Oriundo, Paula C. Angelomé, Fernando Battaglini, María Luz Martínez Ricci and Lucila P. Méndez De Leo. DOI: Cita: Soft Matter, 2023,19, 6018-6031